Deep Community

Deep Community Telesummit free recordings now available!

What an incredible three days it was – as elected officials, business leaders, community specialists and organizational communications experts gathered on the phone to explore how to reinvent our communities through more intentionally  and authentically connecting to one another.

If you missed being on the calls live, now you can hear everything that was said,  click here to access the recordings.)

What people are saying:

“I didn’t know I was capable of bridge building at this level. Now it’s a matter of guts to take steps to move in the direction that I see… Thank you for reminding me who I am at my core and teaching me how to expand who I can become… I have gotten so much more value for my dollar than the money I paid for the Telesummit!”  – Tina, Casper, Wyoming

If you are a business owner, a parent, a community volunteer, an elected official, a nonprofit leader, and/or someone who believes deeply in the potential of our communities, and world, to thrive these calls will give you new tools and nourish your contribution.

“During this time of whole-systems transition, it is not enough to just fix this problem or that problem, for all our problems are interconnected. We must develop a broad-based collective shift in consciousness…We must consider what it means to join together, and indeed what it means to love.”
– Marianne Williamson, The Healing of America

Click here to listen to the recordings.

Here are the calls:

Transformational Democracy

Gail Schwartz, Colorado State Senate since 2006.
Keith Lambert
, Mayor of Rifle, CO for the past 10 years.

Speaking candidly about the most important thing people can do to reclaim democracy from the power of corporate dominance, as well as effective practices to enhance collaboration at the local level.

Resilient Communities

Lynn Kirchner, Owner of Amoré Realty, president of Carbondale Rotary.
Laura Bartels
, Owner of GreenWeaver, Inc., Bioneer and national expert on straw bale construction and community resiliency through sustainable building practices.

Sharing innovations to support greater social infrastructure in communities as well as economic resiliency.

New Paradigm Organizations

Sonny Conley, Owner of Iris Education, Organizational  Trainer specializing in Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Team-building.
Michael Wasmer
, Founder of The Open Space (for transformational community process), and Vail Habitat for Humanity.

Full of practices that any organization can use to uplevel the quality of communication and creativity of its members.

These times are calling us to pull out all the stops, to leverage our strengths,  and to consider bold new possibilities in our leadership. The telesummit recordings will give you support in doing just that!

The Telesummit is moderated by Gwen Garcelon of HighLife Unlimited, supporting thriving community and transformational community leadership for over fifteen years.

All three paradigm-shifting teleseminars are now available for FREE, just click here! I hope they will serve you with new ideas and inspiration.

Yours in deep community,