As with all my work, my priority as a facilitator is on building greater connectivity within groups – greater understanding, appreciation of diverse values, and attention to nurturing theĀ  social capital that allows for transformational and enduring outcomes.

Available for board retreats, strategic planning, community councils, and grassroots civic efforts. Services focus on ensuring:

  • High-function and productivity due to increased interpersonal bonds within groups.
  • Long-term benefits from building greater collaborative skills (greater creativity, problem solving, project management and more.)
  • All participants are deeply respected and encouraged to serve the highest potential of the group.
  • Visionary social, ecological and economic outcomes.

With 20 years of hands-on experience with a wide array of public and private initiatives, I bring a keen sensitivity to moving groups forward with effectiveness and integrity. Greater community building is at the heart of the outcomes I help groups to achieve – within your group and in relationship to the community it serves.

Inquiries may be directed to gwen@highlifeunlimited.com