“Gwen Garcelon has an amazing ability to augment  an individual’s existing talents and skills.  She both nurtures existing gifts, and inspires the development of new ones, thus empowering  her clients  to grow substantively as  leaders.  In the fundraising arena, she is a miracle worker who coached me and my fellow volunteers to grow our event from generating $10K in 2003 to $60K in 2007.”

Claudia Morgan
Volunteer activist with RESULTS,  and former attorney

“Gwen and I have fought the fight to end poverty for over a decade together. I much admire her understanding of systems—from the personal level (where do folks get “stopped” and how can they take flight), to the organizational level (how can people work most effectively in teams). I like the way she thinks, and frankly would like to be so grounded and positive in my own life and work.”

Jule Meyer, Major Gifts Officer
Oxfam America

“This letter is to recommend Gwen Garcelon and her professional services in leadership, consulting, fundraising, advocacy training and personal development.  Gwen supported and coached me for six years when I was chairman of the RESULTS fundraiser.  Gwen gently pushed and coaxed me through my own doubt and feasrs of taking on a challenge that I felt to be too big for me.  However, every year I enrolled a bigger inviting team, had bigger turn out for the event and steadily raised more money.  Gwen helped me to trust myself as I sought out new risks and committed to new responsibilities.  She made it fun too.  I am grateful to Gwen and recommend her professional services.”

Marshall Saunders,  President and Founder of Grameen de la Frontera, Mexico and President and Founder of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

“Gwen has worked with us through numerous changes, and has helped us to grow by meeting challenges that took us out of our comfort zones. She has been a great idea generator, and is very open to discussing any element of the steps needed to ultimately reach the goals we set.

I always know if she says she will do something, she will.  And it has been a comfort to know that when I needed someone to bounce an idea off of, or to go over a strategy with, Gwen would provide powerful feedback, and excellent support in working through the process to get to the solution.

She is brilliant, creative, energetic, and enthusiastic about life, and the advocacy she works on and supports.”

Bob Dickerson

Attorney, Seattle RESULTS Group Leader

“Gwen views donor development as a relational, mutually edifying, holistic pursuit of mind and spirit.  She is highly effective in coaching individuals to break through personal fears about donor development, and she puts a premium on casting a vision of how giving and stewardship, in all its forms, enriches the planet for future generations.”

Lisa Marchal

Global Grassroots Associate for RESULTS Educational Fund