Transform Your Organizational Culture ~ May 21, 2014

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  • Super-charge Your Vision
  • Collaborate Better
  • Master Change

May 21, 9-4:30pm, Third St. Center, Carbondale

Presented by me, Gwen Garcelon, and Angie Davlyn of JVA Consulting

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Are you looking for ways to help your organization better live up to its mission and expand the difference you are making?

Are you spending your time and energy at work getting the “right” things done, or are you burned out because you’re working too hard on a seemingly never-ending to-do list?

Does your organizational culture inspire your team or fellow staff members to work together collaboratively and get outside your comfort zones?

Are you searching for strategies to help you take care of the “nitty gritty” details and get things done?

Are you wondering how you can be more adaptive to change, or get your team or fellow staff on board with big changes that may happen in the future?

This training will help you move your organization from good to great using research-based best-practice strategies for:

(1) creating an evolutionary organizational vision and culture, 

(2) improving your ability to collaborate for more creative and fulfilling results, and 

(3) learning systems for working more effectively and efficiently with less stress

This training is for organizational leaders, staff, board members or volunteers who want to create a thriving organizational culture where high job satisfaction, high productivity, fulfilling work-life balance, greater service to the community and the ability to adapt to and inspire change happen naturally, and are seeking immediately-actionable tools to make it happen.

In this full-day training, you will learn research-based tools and processes to:

  • Create a transformational personal and professional vision that will re-invigorate and expand the difference you are making
  • Build a greater depth of collaborative strength to exponentially increase your teams’ creativity and satisfaction in working together
  • Instead of managing performance, adopt practices that create an organizational culture capable of both fulfilling your mission and inspiring your team
  • Work more effectively and efficiently (doing more in fewer hours with less stress!) by creating systems that drive your progress
  • Go beyond creating work-life balance to gain strategies for creating wholeness in your life (and the lives of your coworkers and board members)
  • Positively harness the power of change (taking away the fear of change and using it to your advantage)
  • Develop skills for fostering growth relationships that bring out the best in all stakeholders in your organization
  • And, how to manage it all without becoming burned out!

$99, includes lunch. This day will be a game-changer, don’t miss it. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Angie Davlyn of JVA Consulting on this one.

9am – 4:30pm, Third St. Center, Carbondale

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Yours in joyful service,

Gwen Garcelon